Virgin Resin: What Is It and Why Is It Superior To Recycled Resin?

Quality resins are one of the important requirements when it comes to plastic production. There are different types of resins available in the market. Since plastic can be recycled, most of the resin found in a market is recycled. However, the virgin resin is the purest and most effective form of plastic that should be used in plastic production. Although it is claimed that recycled resin can regain the properties of virgin plastic during regrinding, the reality differs in various aspects. Most times, the buyers fail to identify if the resin is truly virgin or recycled. This post discusses what virgin resin is, why it is superior to regrind resin, and how to identify it.

What Is Virgin Resin?

Virgin resin is the resin manufactured from natural resources such as petrochemical feedstock, crude oil, natural gas, etc. It is the purest form of resin. It can also be said that this the unprocessed form of resin. It possesses all original properties and therefore it performs better during plastic production.

Nowadays, the recycled or reground resin is used on a wide scale in the name of sustainability, the sustainability equation of virgin resin cannot be overlooked. That is where the superiority of virgin resin over recycled resin can be taken into consideration. Let us discuss how virgin resin stands superior to recycled resins.

Why Virgin Resin is Superior to Reground/Recycled Resin?

The following factors will help you understand why virgin resin is superior to recycled resin.

  • Virgin resin enables you to take advantage of the mechanical and chemical properties of plastic.
  • Owing to strong mechanical and chemical properties, the virgin resin performs effectively during plastic production. In terms of chemical interaction with other components, mechanical bonding, etc, the virgin resin offers higher efficiency than reground resins.
  • Virgin resin being the purest and never used form suffers minimum degradation. This enhances the durability of components made from virgin resins.
  • Only virgin resin can regain the mechanical and chemical properties of recycled or reground resin. A measured amount of virgin resin is added to resin scrap during palletization or granulation.

Now that the benefits of virgin resins are discussed, it is essential to buy authentically virgin resin. Authentic suppliers like Mid Continent Plastics offer high-quality virgin resins.The company supplies certified prime-quality virgin resins. You can find Acrylic, Acetal, HDPE, Nylon 6 filled and/or unfilled, etc virgin resins in their catalog. The company has been supplying quality resins since 1987 in the US. Thus, their experience adds value to the quality and authenticity of their products.

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