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ABS or ASA Plastic: Their Differences and Similarities Discussed

Over the years, various types of engineering-grade thermoplastics have gained popularity and ABS and ASA are two popular types among them. Both these thermoplastics differ in terms of durability, physical, and chemical characteristics. Based on these differences, the thermoplastics are used in some applications more than others. What are these characteristics? Which of these thermoplastics…

Thermoplastic Resins: Competent Material for Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic resins find a great application in the plastic manufacturing industries. Depending on properties, these resins are further categorized as thermoplastic resins, thermosetting resins, epoxy resins, and so on. Amongst all – types of resins, thermoplastic resins find great application across plastic manufacturing industries. This post gives insights about thermoplastic resins, their properties, and utilization…