Things You May Need to Know About Polycarbonate Resins

Plastic resins are used in a broad range of applications, and their popularity has been increasing day by day. Polycarbonate resin or PC is one of them. These are strong thermoplastics well-known for heat resistance and impact resistance. They are widely utilized in injection molding and extrusion technique to produce precise and identical plastic components for diverse industries. Are you intrigued about what makes this transparent, crystalline thermoplastic polymer popular? What are the applications of these resins? This post gives you insights into this polymer. So, stay tuned.

Reasons that Account for the Popularity of Polycarbonate Resins

Polycarbonate resin is an amorphous material that maintains its toughness and rigidity at varied temperatures. Additionally, the material possesses superior physical as well as mechanical properties. Here are some noteworthy features of this material.

  • Polycarbonate resins possess rigidity and can withstand a wide temperature range from -20 to 140°C. This is why they are widely used in applications that demand stiffness and rigidity.
  • Compared to other resins, polycarbonate resins are lightweight and offer glass-like transparency.
  • Although it is resistant to stress and high impacts, the polymer is not scratch-proof. It can be coated with rigid materials in the applications demanding this property.
  • The polymer is ductile at room temperature and can be easily machined using traditional milling, drilling, sawing, and cutting tools. Thermoforming is one of the popular and economical methods for producing limited polycarbonate sheets for medium to large-sized parts.
  • The polymer also has high thermal stability and fire resistance properties. This allows it to be used in challenging environments where other polymers break down structurally. This polymer promises new benefits to OEMs and expands the potential applications of engineered plastic.
  • It has high plasticity and retains its transparency during the processing stages. This is because it is easily moldable into any design and shape. Thus, it has become the favored material for applications requiring a refined and polished look, such as automobile interiors, electronic goods, smartphones, and so on.


Industrial Applications of Polycarbonate Resins

Polycarbonate resins are widely used for several types of industrial as well as commercial parts and products. Here are a few common applications that make use of these resins.

  • Polycarbonate resins find applications for the light transmissions where the risk is inevitable. This may include security windows, prescription lenses, machinery guards, automotive headlamps, skylights, safety glasses, streetlamps, motorcycle face shields, and windscreens.
  • Owing to its unmatched stability even at higher temperatures, the resin is largely useful for many medical devices, which can be steam-sterilized.
  • Do you know that many consumer products that you mostly see in your house may be made of polycarbonate resin? Yes, you heard it right. This resin will give the good look and feel of the glass to most consumer products without its weight and fragility. They include drinkware, blenders and food processors, water filter housings, nursing bottles, and water bottles.
  • This resin also finds application in the electronics industry, where it is used for making products such as battery boxes, optical media, connectors, smartphones, and more.
  • Sometimes, sheets made of polycarbonate can be used in the place of sheet metal in prototyping to experience clear interior views. In filament formation, it is popularly used for 3D printing.

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