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Today, a wide range of plastic materials are used for manufacturing different products. The material has become an indispensable part of an individual, as well as several industries. Its flexibility and excellent ability to be molded in desired shape is one of the reason behind its increasing popularity. Of the many types of plastics available today, the wide spec plastics are the one. These plastics are also known by their alternative names, such as off grade plastics, wide specification plastics, or near prime plastic materials. Where can you get these plastics from? Mid Continent Plastics is the answer to this question. It is one of the leading distributors of the widespec plastics in the USA. We offer different packaging options for these plastics, namely neutral packaging and original packaging.

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Beneficial Features of the Off Grade Plastics Provided by Mid Continent Plastics

The off grade or wide spec plastics that we provide are known for a number of beneficial features. Here are some key features of these materials that make them popular:

  • Durable: The wide spec plastics that we provide are extremely durable, and the products made from these plastics are capable of serving for several years consistently.
  • Cost-effective Solution: As compared to the other types of plastics, these off grade plastics are extremely cost-effective.
  • Exact Composition: These plastics are known for their exact composition, which makes them an ideal choice in most applications and industries.
  • Easily Processable: Processing of these off grade plastics can be done with an ease. Thus, it helps in saving considerably on the operational costs.
  • Chemical Resistance: The wide spec plastics that we provide have a good resistance to most chemicals.
  • Premium Quality: We are known to provide the most premium quality of off grade plastics. Thus, they have an outstanding strength.

At Mid Continent Plastics, we are very particular, when it comes to delivering good quality plastic materials. This has helped us become one of the most trusted and leading distributors of plastics in the USA. Quality commitment has also helped us in increasing the number of our loyal customers across a wide spectrum of industries. Our team of professionals is constantly working hard and are on their toes to help you with your requirements. Are you looking forward to buying wide spec plastics? Do you wish to avail the best quality at a competitive price? If so, then look no further. Please get in touch with us via phone at (800) 475-6000 (toll-free). Do you have any specific requirements, or queries? You can write us at info@midcontinentplastics.com. We are looking forward for a great association with you.

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