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Transportation is one of the significant factors of supply chain operations at Mid Continent Plastics. Being a plastic supplier and broker, we source and sell plastic resins to our clients. We do understand the value of deadlines and time. Knowing this, we have made some good investments in transportation. Our advanced transportation capabilities allow us to assure the shortest delivery times in the industry. To offer instant delivery, we opt for Just-In-Time (JIT). Our Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery ensures on-time procurement, delivery, and efficient transportation.

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Special Features of Transportation at Mid Continent Plastics

As the efficiency of transportation is of great significance for us, thus, we adopt the following techniques to ensure just-in-time (JIT) delivery.

  • We offer on-phone technical assistance.
  • Maintaining resins in good condition is important while procuring or delivering resins. Thus, we take all possible care to avoid damage to the resins. In many cases, we pick-up the resins directly from the seller, transport it directly to the buyer. This way, the efforts and damage of inventory stocking are saved due to our source-to-destination type of transportation. This also helps us keep the costs down.
  • We rely on demand forecasting, thus, we are never too late to procure or deliver the products. However, demand forecasting is a secondary technique as just-in-time delivery is taken as primary operational ethics. Due to the highly accurate demand forecasting of our supply chain experts, we are capable of keeping the stock ready and are able to deliver whenever the customer needs it.
  • Transportation only begins when the order is confirmed by the buyer. This saves our time and transportation efforts to carry resins from the seller’s warehouse to our inventory or from our inventory to the buyer’s warehouse. By using the demand forecast and just-in-time (JIT) technique, we are capable of reducing transportation efforts while increasing supply efficiency.
  • We have created a highly responsive transportation chain that allows instant resin dispatch and next-day delivery.

Please contact our team today to learn more about our transportation capabilities. You can check the resins page to know the type of resins we accept and sell.

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