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A Wide Selection of Regrind Plastics for Injection Molding

Regrind plastics are the left-over scrap material from injection molding or from other manufacturing processes. With increasing demand for resins, there is no point in wasting these left-over thermoplastic materials. Several industries reuse regrind plastic, which have gone through at least one molding or extrusion method, for several applications. Although the physical, and other properties of regrind plastics differ slightly from virgin materials, they can be rightly mixed with the virgin material to reduce cost and optimize material usage. At Mid Continent Plastics, we buy regrind plastic materials that are left over from rejected parts, runners, flash, moils, and tails from the molding or extruding process. We sell them at extremely competitive prices.

Resins We Offer
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What Do We Offer?

By maintaining a large supply of regrind materials, we have earned a reputation in the market. At Mid Continent Plastics, our team is committed to take plastic scrap off of your hands and resell them to those to make a wide range of new plastic products. The types we offer in this category include:

  • ABS (White) Polylac PA747
  • ABS (White) Polimaxx GA800
  • Acetal (Black) Celcon M90, 9 melt
  • Acetal (Natural) Delrin 500P, 6 melt
  • Acetal (Natural) Delrin 900P, 22 melt
  • Acetal (Natural) Celcon M90, 9 melt
  • Acetal (Natural) Celcon M270, 27 melt
  • ASA (Lt Gray)LG Chem LI912
  • CAB (Clear) Butyrate 575E, clear for colors/blk
  • HIPS (White) HIPS
  • Nylon 6 (Black) Ultramid B3WG6, 30%gf
  • Nylon 6/6 filled (Natural) Minlon 11C40, 40%min filled
  • Nylon 6/6 filled (Natural) Zytel 70G33HS1L, 33%gf, HS
  • Nylon 6/6 filled (Natural) Zytel 70G13HS1L, 13%gf, HS
  • Polycarbonate (White) PC, 12 melt, 12 izod
  • PP Copoly (Nat w/specks) Profax SR257M, 2 melt, 7 izod
  • PP Copoly (Nat w/burns) PP, 35 melt, copolymer
  • PEI (Black) Ultem 1010, unfilled
  • PET (Natural) Rynite 530, 30%gf
  • PET (Black) Rynite 530, 30%gf
  • TPC-ET (Natural) Hytrel 5526, 55D duro
  • TPC-ET (Natural) Hytrel 6356, 63D duro
  • TPC-ET (Gray) Hytrel 6356, 63D duro
  • Acetal (Natural) Delrin 525GR, 25%gf
  • PBTR (Black) LG Chem Lupox GP1000A, unfilled

Applications of Regrind Plastics

Available at less cost than virgin plastics, regrind plastics are immensely useful for several processes including automotive, packaging, electronics, household, food processing, medical among others. They are rightly mixed with the virgin materials in the production of:

  • Films
  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Pipes, irrigation tubing
  • Plastic lumber, furniture

At Mid Continent Plastics, we help reusing the regrind that are the scraps produced by chopping or grinding larger chunks of plastic in a great way. We own a bulk inventory of regrind materials you are looking for at competitive prices. If there is plastic regrind material that you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

A leader in quality and unsurpassed customer service, we have married our technical knowledge of resins and vast industry experience to deliver the regrind plastic our customers need to be successful in our challenging and always evolving marketplace.

Our company is among the best in the regrind plastic industry at what we do.

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