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A Vast Range of Injection & Extrusion Grade Plastic Resins

With increasing dependence on quality plastic products, buying and selling plastic scraps have emerged as a viable option for businesses worldwide. Buying and re-using scraps enable them to minimize their carbon footprint, and maximize the value of their plastic investments. Due to all this, buying and selling these plastic scraps from trusted sources have become more important. Mid Continent Plastics specializes in wholesaling of high-quality engineering and commodity grade plastic resins. These plastic resins are widely utilized across various industries, and can be easily customized to suit various needs. Many of these resins are offered in fiberglass reinforced, mineral filled, and unfilled versions.

Resins We Offer
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Types of Plastic Resins Offered at Mid Continent Plastics

We specialize in the following types of resins

  • ABS FR: Available in white color, virgin and regrind form, and various quantities
  • Cellulosics: Clear and colors, regrind form, and buy and sell in any quantity
  • MPR: Black and natural colors, virgin form, and sell or buy in any quantity or #1,100
  • Nylon 66: Natural colors, regrind forms, and various grades
  • PBT: White and natural colors, virgin form, various grades, and quantities 2,200# or 3,300 #
  • Polycarbonate: Clear and black colors, regrind form, multiple grades, provided in 2,200# or 3,300 # quantities
  • PC/ABS: Light color, regrind form, injection grade and extrusion grade
  • PC/PBT: Black color, regrind form, and buy and sell in any quantity
  • PEI: Natural and black color, regrind, suited for injection and extrusion
  • PMP: Clear, virgin, and sell and buy in any quantity
  • PPO: Black, regrind, and accepted and sold in any quantity
  • PPS: Natural and black, virgin and regrind form, injection and extrusion grade
  • Polysulfone: Clear, Red, and Black, virgin and regrind form, and buy and sell in any quantity
  • Styrenics : Clear, regrind, sell and buy in any quantity
  • TPC-ET: Natural and black, regrind form, injection and extrusion grades

We accept both loads – one that is separated by their material type, and mixed loads comprising widespec resins, powder, and pellets. We are dedicated to providing quality plastic resins at competitive prices and in various quantities. Our plastic experts always work closely with clients to help them select the right resin to suit their needs. If you don’t find the resin of your choice, still we can help you find one. For any specific queries on buying, selling, and exchanging of plastic resins, please contact us today.

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