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Do you have bales of plastic scrap materials that you would like to remove from your facility? Are you looking for a trustworthy Plastic Resin Supplier who can ship a wide range of virgin, regrind and WideSpec plastic resins in bulk or small quantities to support your manufacturing process? If yes, then Mid Continent Plastics is the source you have been looking for. With a vast industrial and commercial plastic reselling experience, we help the companies in Tennessee to achieve their recycling and sustainability goals. Whether your requirements is to sell plastic scrap or purchase recycled plastic raw materials, we, being a trusted Resin Supplier in USA, have got the best service covered.

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Being a leading Resin Supplier, we buy all forms of plastic and resell them at cost effective prices. Whether your requirement is for ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Nylon, PBT, Polycarbonate, PEEK, PVC grades, we can help you make the right purchase that supports your blow molding, injection molding, and extrusion activities. As a renounced plastic resin broker, we help the Tennessee companies to contribute to the state’s plastic recycling goals as proposed by The Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 68-211-863, 864, and 865. By focusing on quality and consistency, we contribute to make 25% waste reduction/diversion rate possible statewide.

We, being a leading plastic resin reseller, possess vast knowledge of plastic resins materials. When this is combined with unmatched material selection assistance and national sales support, then the customers in the state receive the right product within the stipulated delivery time. With the knowledge and experience of our salesperson who believes in “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, your business achieves the maximum value. Talk to leading plastic regrind buyer and regrind broker, who welcomes an opportunity to serve you after understanding your business requirements.

A leader in quality and unsurpassed customer service, we have married our technical knowledge of resins and vast industry experience to be the resin reseller our customers need to be successful in our challenging and always evolving marketplace.

Our company is among the best in the industry at what we do.

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