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Do you own a plastic warehousing facility or manufacturing facility in North Carolina? Perhaps you might be looking for a plastic supplier in Carolina who may help you buy and sell plastic scraps, regrind, and virgin plastic resins of all qualities. If so, Mid Continent Plastics can help you. Since the inception, we have served the compounding, injection molding, and extrusion communities in North Carolina by providing them the highest-quality plastic scraps.

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North Carolina is home to a variety of plastics-dependent businesses that add $53.9 billion to the state’s revenues. Ranking 9th in the plastic industry employment, North Carolina is also one of the leading consumers of plastics in the US. It is estimated that every year North Carolinians discard more than $41, 411, 600 plastics every year. To curb this, there is now a growing emphasis on the importance of utilizing recycled engineered plastic resins. Being a plastic regrind buyer or a plastic regrind broker, at MidContinent Plastics, we help clients reduce their plastic waste by utilizing recycled engineered plastic resins. We can buy and sell regrind plastic resins in quantities ranging from a few bags to a truckload, depending on the end-users requirement. Along with this, we also inspire our clients to use only high-quality plastic resins for injection molding or extrusion molding. This helps them improve their profitability, maintain the quality of products, while reducing their carbon footprint on the environment.

Over the years, our efforts have helped clients improve the quality of their products, while reducing their carbon footprint. The following capabilities have helped us serve clients in North Carolina effectively:

  • Material Selection Assistance
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  • National Sales Support

As a trusted plastic resin reseller, we are committed to delivering high-quality resins in different colors, grades, and prices. These products are offered in various packaging options such as original bags, original boxes, and plain boxes. With a vast industry experience, experts at MidContinent Plastics assist clients in North Carolina to choose the right plastic resins. Our vast inventory of ready-to-ship products and a strong supply chain relationship have helped us become one of the most preferred plastic resin suppliers in the US.

A leader in quality and unsurpassed customer service, we have married our technical knowledge of resins and vast industry experience to be the resin reseller our customers need to be successful in our challenging and always evolving marketplace.

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