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Minnesota is counted among the wealthiest states in the US with maximum highly-educated people. The state is home to several manufacturing industries including plastics. There is a huge demand for plastic resins of various types, which are used to make products for construction, healthcare, food processing industries, and so on. In addition to making and delivering high-quality products, the manufacturers from the state also understand the importance of using high-quality regrind plastic resins and minimizing their plastic waste. This is where MidContinent Plastics makes a difference. Being one of the leading plastic resin suppliers and plastic resin brokers in the US, we are well-experienced in buying and selling virgin, regrind, and widespec plastic resins. We regularly supply virgin and recycled resins for injection molding, extrusion, and compounding industries.

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Minnesota has a flourishing plastic industry. It is home to plastic-dependent industries and services. The state also addresses the fact that plastic is one of the leading causes of pollution of land, air, and water. This is why the state has established Minn. Stat. §115A, also known as waste management act, and recycling programs that help reduce the pollution and waste created by plastic products. The businesses that earlier used virgin resins have thus started using regrind plastic resins. Being a trusted and preferred plastic regrind broker, we buy and sell regrind plastic resins in various load sizes – from a bagful to truckload. We regularly deliver regrind plastics such as cellulosic, nylon 66, polycarbonate, PC/ABS and so on. Also, as an experienced scrap resin supplier, we deal with high-quality virgin plastic resins such as ABS FR, PBT, PMP and so on.

At Mid Continent Plastics, we are committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective plastic scraps. With a vast experience and knowledge to bank upon, we help clients select the right plastic resin for their requirement. Our strong supply chain relationships always help us assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Do you want to buy and sell any virgin, widespec or regrind plastics that is not listed on the website? Please contact us at the earliest. We can help you better.

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