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Are you looking for a reliable plastic supplier in Illinois? Your search ends here at Mid Continent Plastics. With a vast industrial and commercial plastic reselling experience, we help clients to effectively manage their plastic wastes while saving their efforts, money, and time. Being a plastic resin broker, we buy and sell a wide variety of plastic scraps, virgin, regrind and WideSpec plastic resins in bulk or small quantities.

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Being an eco-friendly state, Illinois has always championed the cause of plastic recycling and utilization of regrind plastic or eco-friendly plastic products for a long time. The Illinois Environmental Protection Act (415 ILCS 5) is the attestation of this commitment. It seeks to establish a state-wide program for enriching the quality of the environment by minimizing the adverse effects of human actions. Plastic recycling and re-utilization of plastic is an important aspect of this act. The Environmental Protection Act (415 ILCS 80/5) mandates “The Department of Central Management Services, and all other departments and agencies of State government, when purchasing plastic containers and other plastic products, shall purchase products that are degradable or recyclable whenever such products are available at reasonable cost and in the appropriate quantity and quality.” At Mid Continent Plastics, we help clients to achieve this goal of buying quality regrind and eco-friendly plastic at reasonable costs, thereby saving their efforts, and helping them minimize their carbon footprint.

Our Illinois Corporate Location is well equipped and has the following capabilities:

  • Product Inventory Warehouse
  • Materials Management
  • Purchasing
  • Material Selection Assistance
  • National Sales Support

Our strong supply chain relationships combined with a vast knowledge of plastic resins allow us to serve the clients across industries. As one of the leading plastic resin suppliers in the US, we not only assure the variety, quality, and fastest deliveries but also the most competitive prices in the industry.

A leader in quality and unsurpassed customer service, we have married our technical knowledge of resins and vast industry experience to be the resin reseller our customers need to be successful in our challenging and always evolving marketplace.

Our company is among the best in the industry at what we do.

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