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Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacturing of a wide range of products that we use every day. They are preferred over other materials owing to several exciting features including low cost, ease of forming and easy availability, among several others. Realizing the tremendous increase in demand, we at Mid Continent Plastics, offer plastic resins in several types, and in varied forms. We source plastic from varied sources and resale them at the exciting price range, providing cost-effectiveness to the manufacturers. The plastics we sell are utilized in several engineering and commercial applications.

Resins We Offer
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What Types of Plastic We Resell

With exceptional customer service and on time delivery, we meet the varied needs and demands of our customers. Presently, more and more plastics product manufacturing companies are discovering the benefits of associating with Mid Continent Plastics, as we guarantee plastic resale service for the following forms of plastics:

  • Virgin Plastic
  • Scrap Plastic
  • Engineering Plastic
  • Recycled Plastic
  • Widespec Plastic
  • Regrind Plastic

All these forms of plastics are available in the following options:

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • Acetal
  • Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA)
  • CAB
  • Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)
  • Nylon
  • Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
  • Polycarbonate
  • PP Copoly
  • Polyetherimide (PEI)
  • (Polyethylene Terephthalate) PET
  • Modified Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO)
  • Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Styrene Butadiene Copolymers (SBC)

Applications of Plastics We Offer

We are counted among the leading organizations, who buy and sell certified prime, and value-added high-quality plastics to injection molders, extruders, and compounders, among others. With ethical business practice and strong emphasis on prompt customer service and quality, we meet the requirements of packaging, automotive, military food processing, and medical industries. Committed to provide the best quality to the customers, our plastic resale business immensely support the manufacturers in the making of:

  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Bottles and other containers
  • Buckets
  • Dishware and Glasses
  • Caulking compounds
  • Patching compounds
  • Doors and window frames, fittings and pipes
  • Rope
  • Tote bags
  • Insulation, license plate frames, rulers
  • Packaging films, bin liners and carrier bags
  • Plastic cutlery and egg cartons

Our name is established as a trusted plastic resale service provider catering to the requirements of customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Being a client-centric organization, we at Mid Continent Plastics guarantee procuring plastics from dependable vendors that offer excellent performance and reliability.

A leader in quality and unsurpassed customer service, we have married our technical knowledge of resins and vast industry experience to deliver the plastic resale our customers need to be successful in our challenging and always evolving marketplace.

Our company is among the best in the plastic resale industry at what we do.

Let us show you why MidContinent Plastics is a name you can trust for your plastic resale needs.

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