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Material Selection

For any manufacturer, selecting the right material is of utmost importance to be able to make the right product or part. The same principle is applicable to OEMs making plastic parts or fabricators machining plastic sheets into various shapes and sizes. At Mid Continent Plastics, we have an experienced team to help you select the right material for your application. We offer a variety of regrind, wide spec, and virgin resins in various colors, quantities, and polymer chemistries. With our experience of more than three decades in this segment we can rightly tell you the application and intricate details of each polymer material and if it would suit your requirement.

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How Mid Continent Plastics Helps in the Material Selection Process

At Mid Continent Plastics, our team understands your requirements and briefs you about the materials you could choose based on your application details. Here are a few pointers regarding this process:

  • We offer on-phone technical assistance.
  • After a thorough requirement gathering process, we analyze and compare different types of plastics best suitable for you in terms of their physical and chemical properties such as heat resistance, flexibility, melting point, and so on.
  • We help you determine the key performance indicators of your project and in turn reduce costs and production time.
  • The evaluation of the materials you choose with respect to your budget is also our job.
  • We ask you the right questions which help us give you the right direction in terms of material selection.
  • Our expert team of engineers can help you analyze the part functionality, the environment in which the part of product will be used, safety or regulations related issues, and the production method. We also ask you regarding the mechanical strength, toughness, molding ability, and so on. All this makes it really easy to choose the right material.
  • Communication is key to our successful material selection process. We hold meetings with the manufacturer and fabricator at various levels to understand and confirm the requirements, discuss production-related complexities, and so on.

If you are an OEM in plastic parts manufacturing or fabrication and need help in selecting the right variety of resins, we would be glad to help you. In this case or if you have any other relevant questions you can reach us on phone or email

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